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  • Frank Smizik State Representative
    (Norfolk 15th), 2001-2019
    House Chair, Environment Committee House Chair, Global Warming and Climate Change Committee Past Brookline Offices
    and Affiliations:
    School Committee Housing Authority Board Town Meeting Member, Precinct 9 Co-Chair, Brookline PAX

Townwide Officers

  • Scott Ananian’s strong commitment to transparency and inclusion make him an excellent choice for Town Moderator. He will work hard to lower barriers to participation and ensure that all voices are heard. I am proud to support his candidacy.
  • Raul FernandezSelect Board MemberCommission for Diversity, Inclusion
    & Community Relations
  • Andy LiuSchool CommitteeFormer Town Meeting Member, Precinct 10
  • Scott Ananian routinely and skillfully helps others to navigate the often confusing Town Meeting processes. His slogan for his campaign--'Lift Every Voice'--speaks to his commitment to service and inclusion.  I am proud to endorse Scott for Moderator.
  • Mariah NobregaSchool CommitteeCommission for Diversity, Inclusion
    & Community Relations
    Town Meeting Member, Precinct 4
  • David PearlmanVice Chair, School CommitteeTown Meeting Member, Precinct 15
  • As a finalist for the Hugo and Nebula Awards, I'm used to projecting into the future, and I see Scott Ananian as the future of Brookline. Over the past few years, I have been impressed with his knowledge and dedication as a member of Town Meeting. I am confident that Scott will be a fair Moderator, respectful of all voices across the political spectrum.
  • Michael A. BursteinLibrary TrusteeBoard Member, Brookline PAXTown Meeting Member, Precinct 12
  • Kristine KnaufConstableTown Meeting Member, Precinct 15

Town Meeting Members

  • Deborah Brown Pct 1
  • Scott is the most qualified person in the race for Moderator. He has been fully engaged in developing and advocating for local laws for years, and he will bring a thoughtful and measured approach to presiding over Town Meeting. Scott has the energy and the intellectual ability to quickly analyze issues without interjecting his beliefs. Finally, Scott is the guy we want to lead us through tough transitions--he is humble and will not waiver or falter in the face of adversity.
  • Bettina Neuefeind Pct 1
  • Jeffrey Benson Pct 3
  • Meggan Levene Pct 3
  • Kathleen Scanlon Pct 3Select Board Climate Action Committee
  • Sarah BoehsPct 4
  • Martha FarlowPct 4Board Member, Brookline PAX
  • Wendy MacMillanPct 4
  • Brookline needs a Moderator who is impartial, fair, and transparent--a Moderator who finds value in all the voices in our town. We need a Moderator who believes in empowering people through inclusion, transparency, and diversity, and by respecting and appreciating what makes them different. Join me in voting for Scott Ananian for Moderator and for the change we need!
  • Virginia SmithPct 4Head of Friends of Linden Park
  • Marissa VogtPct 4
  • Robert VolkPct 4
  • Bonnie BastienPct 5Mutual Aid BrooklineBrookline for Racial Justice and EquityBrookline Budget Justice
  • Arthur Wellington Conquest IIIPct 6President, Town Meeting Members Association
  • Cher DuffieldPct 6Pierce PTO co-chair 2016-2019
  • Scott EnglanderPct 6
  • As a Town Meeting Member, Scott has worked with and mentored many other representatives to skillfully craft and pass numerous pieces of good legislation over the years, and has led in an exemplary way. The integrity, generosity of spirit, and incredible dedication that Scott has consistently demonstrated will make him as fair, inclusive, and responsible a leader as one could hope for.
  • Anne Trecker Pct 6
  • Christi ElectrisPct 7
  • Lara JarrellPct 7
  • Anne GreenwaldPct 8
  • Scott Ananaian has comprehneive expertise on the running of Town Meeting and a board vision to bring all voices to Town government, including senior citizens who are new to the process like me
  • E. Catherine LoulaPct 9
  • Lilly GaehdePct 10
  • I am so excited to endorse Scott for Moderator! I have seen him in Town Meeting again and again work tirelessly to uplift every voice by always making himself available to others with questions and always speaking up to support those around him. I’m confident he will bring this same dedication to the Moderator role, ensuring that everyone is given a space to speak and and everyone is heard.
  • Jonathan KleinPct 10Brookline for Everyone
    "I love Scott’s thoughtful, calm demeanor, and his willingness to help others navigate the challenges of filing and supporting warrant articles for Town Meeting. I think he will be a terrific Moderator, and will help us all be our best selves as we work to make our sometimes-messy democracy more effective.”
  • Kimberly LoscalzoPct 10
  • Ariel MaddocksPct 10
  • Jessica (Morris) NewberryPct 10
    "Scott Ananian is, in my mind, the only choice for Town Moderator. He actively amplifies the voices of others and works tirelessly to ensure a better and more inclusive Brookline for all."
  • Daniel StonePct 10
  • Naomi SweitzerPct 10
  • Scott's was vital in helping me - a young woman of color - successfully navigate my first tem as a Town Meeting Member. I have no doubt that, as Moderator, Scott will signifiantly raise the level of participation in our town's government. I am confident Scott will ensure all voices, particularly our historically most marginalized voices, feel safe and comfortable particpating, which will make Brookline a more just, inclusive, and democratic place for all.
  • Emy Takinami Pct 10Brookline for Racial Justice and Equity
  • Shira FischerPct 11
  • Shanna T. Giora-GorfajnPct 11
  • Scott has deep respect for the position of the moderator and the imagination to improve on the role to meet the needs of Brookline today. Brookline needs to look forward, to bring together voices, to open doors of participation and inclusion. Scott is the ideal next moderator to fulfill this role. The moderator is a convener and a voice of fairness and I am proud to endorse Scott who epitomizes all that the role of moderator can and should be for all of Brookline.
  • Jennifer GoldsmithPct 11
  • Martha GrayPct 11
  • Boney Jones-DasentPct 11
  • David KrewinghausPct 11
  • David LowePct 11
  • Scott is committed to making our Town Meeting process more inclusive and more representative of Brookline’s residents.  He has an incredibly deep understanding of how Town Meeting works, which means he is uniquely positioned to make it accessible to people who have not traditionally been well represented, particularly people of color and lower income residents.
  • Rebecca Plaut MautnerPct 11
  • Lisa Shatz Pct 11Brookline for Everyone
  • Anne Weaver Pct 11Brookline for Racial Justice and EquityBrookline Budget Justice
  • Scott Ananian believes in inclusivity and equity in Town government, and would be a welcome change for the Town. He is an expert on the regulations and inner workings of Brookline Town Meeting and the Advisory Committee and has been a valued mentor to me since I was elected as a Town meeting member in June 2020. I enthusiastically support Scott as Town moderator.
  • Leonard WholeyPct 11
    "Scott has the technical chops to make Town Meeting run smoothly. I believe that he will lift every voice."
  • Stephanie BrucePct 12Board Member, Brookline PAX
  • David KlafterPct 12Board Member, Brookline PAX
  • Mike OffnerPct 12
    "To move forward together as a community, we must elect a new Town Moderator whose track record is one of inclusion, fairness, and decency above all. For Brookline to have difficult but critical conversations that welcome all voices with equal respect, Scott Ananian is an outstanding choice. Please join me in voting for Scott for Town Moderator on May 4."
  • Scott's background, training, disposition, and creativity make him the most qualified candidate for Moderator. As a scientist, he is trained not to have an opinion or advocate for one point of view, but to arrive at a proper solution by weighing all sides of the question--making him uniquely prepared for the role of Moderator. Scott has many ideas for organizing and managing Town Meeting more efficiently and promoting greater civic involvement, from high school students to seniors. I urge you to join me in voting for Scott as Moderator.
  • Andrew M. FischerPct 13
  • David GaciochPct 13Expert Advisory Panel #4 -
    The Public Schools of Brookline
  • We have a choice to make about Brookline’s direction—whether to keep defending the status quo power structure or chart a new, more inclusive, more transparent, and fairer course for town government.  Scott Ananian represents that new course toward a better Brookline. Please join me in voting for Scott for Brookline Moderator on May 4th
  • I am thrilled to endorse Scott Ananian in his candidacy for Town Moderator. I have seen Scott live out his values and commitment to equity and inclusivity in Brookline through our time together in Town Meeting, and believe he will be excellent in this role.
  • Ada TadmorPct 13
  • Lisa CunninghamPct 15
  • Scott has a sharp intellect, and he uses his knowledge of town processes to help others through the system. Just as importantly, he is xtremely collegial and respectful. I have confidence that Scott will be extremely fair and raise the level of discourse in Town Meeting, making our Ton Governmnet not only more inclusive but also setting an example of respectful leadership.