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Lift Every Voice

In 2022 Brookline has new precinct boundaries. We added a new precinct (bringing Brookline's total to 17) and for the first time, Brookline has two majority-minority precincts! However, because precinct boundaries changed, just about every Town Meeting Member in Brookline is up for re-election this year.

This makes May 3, 2022 a historic election for our Town. Redistricting only happens every 10 years, and never before have so many precinct boundaries been shifted and so many seats up for grabs. It is vitally important to turn out to vote in order to ensure our majority-minority precincts actually deliver the representation they promise.

Please turn out on Tuesday, May 3 to vote for me, and for the other candidates endorsed by the Brookline Equity Coalition.

If you are in Brookline's Precinct 10, please vote for our slate of P10 progressives.

I also recommend candidates endorsed by Brookline for Everyone, and recommend reading the open letter "Why Progressives Should Be Wary of Brookline By Design". I did not apply for endorsement from Brookline By Design or Brookline PAX.

I'm also included in a list of Town difference-makers targeted by the Brookline Police Union; the list includes members of the School Committee, Housing Advisory Board, the chair of the Library Board of Trustees, the chair of the Town's Green Caucus, the chair of the Zero Emissions Advisory Board, the former acting chair of the Diversity, Inclusion & Community Relations Commission, and others who have been effective advocates for equity, the schools, library, climate, housing, and fiscal oversight in our Town. You can find out more about that list here, and I'd strongly recommend a vote for all of those targeted.

More information about all candidates running in the May 3, 2022 election can be found in the Brookline LWV Voter's Guide.

If you're looking for more information, or think my name sounds somewhat familiar, I ran for Brookline Town Moderator in 2021. I did not win that election, but if you're curious you can read through my positions in that race. My personal website is at

Please vote on Tuesday, May 3, 2022!

— C. Scott Ananian