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Nicole McClelland

Brookline TAB, April 12

Imagine you have the chance to vote for Speaker of the House. One candidate, in six years as an elected representative, has written 18 pieces of legislation. He has shepherded these articles through the often labyrinthine process required to bring them before the voting body, gaining invaluable practice with the machinations of local government and demonstrating a willingness to dedicate hundreds of volunteer hours per term to serving the public, orders of magnitude beyond that of the average elected representative.

This candidate has worked with dozens of other representatives on drafting and passing legislation, building relationships with colleagues and learning the ropes so adeptly that new and tenured lawmakers alike come to him for advice and input.

The other candidate, in her five years in office, has not brought forward even one piece of legislation, and now seeks to preside over the entire legislative body.

Though we aren't choosing the Speaker of the House, we're choosing Brookline's version of it—Moderator of Town Meeting—and for that role, the clear choice is the person who brings critical firsthand experience that can't be replicated any other way: Scott Ananian.

Many voters are unfamiliar with the Moderator role, which hasn't been contested in over two decades. The Moderator presides over Town Meeting, deciding who speaks and for how long, and serving as Town Meeting's "go to" person throughout the year. The Moderator also has unilateral appointment power to multiple committees—including Advisory Committee—with significant influence over how Brookline is run.

This is a role where we need a true mentor, a leader who is committed to introducing more equity and less bias into speaking before Town Meeting, treating everyone with kindness and fairness, and increasing transparency in the appointment process.

Dr. Ananian checks all of these boxes. And with a professional background in technology, team management, and systematizing participation, Scott has the experience and skill set to deliver.

This spring, I'll be voting for the candidate with irreplicable firsthand experience and myriad applicable professional skills. Who treats everyone with respect, even those who fall on a different side of an issue. Who is honest, fair, and prepared to step into this critical role on day one, and do the job in a way that lifts every voice, and in so doing, elevates us all.

Please join me in voting for Scott Ananian on May 4.

Nicole McClelland
Town Meeting Member, Precinct 11
Commissioner, Brookline Commission for Women

Jeffrey Benson

Brookline TAB, April 10

A few years ago, I was new to town meeting, representing Precinct 3. All the personalities and debates and votes were interesting. After four exhausting nights of meetings, I realized one person had consistently impressed me, rising above all others by how well organized he was in his presentations, by his calm yet direct way of speaking, and by his ability to frame conversations with a vision of Brookline that was more just, inclusive, sustainable and effective.

As the gavel sounded to end the last meeting, I made my way through the crowd to introduce myself to that person and thank him for his efforts. He seemed surprised by my praise, as if what he had done was nothing special, only what one should do to be a constructive member of our community. That person was Scott Ananian.

I have since worked with Scott on groups promoting warrant articles and racial justice initiatives, and I am even more impressed. I am always learning when I work with Scott. He is so consistently deliberate and creative in his thinking and proposals. He listens. He keeps a good sense of humor about the hard work we do. Most important to me is his unwavering conviction to make Brookline more inclusive, to bring in the innumerable voices of so many of our neighbors who are marginalized, and whose contributions to our civic life will make Brookline more resilient, safe, and just.

In the few years I have been a town meeting member, I have seen the ways that Brookline's "old boys' network" maintains a status quo that does not rise to meet our current challenges. As Moderator, Scott will not only be organized, fair, respectful and patient, he will use the power of that position to make sure the committees under the Moderator's authority will truly represent the diverse best of what Brookline has to offer. Of this I am absolutely sure, and I ask you to join me in making Scott Ananian our next town Moderator.

Jeffrey Benson
Town Meeting Member Precinct 3
Stearns Road

Andrew Fischer

Brookline TAB, April 1

Scott Ananian, in his role as a Town Meeting member, has been an ardent advocate for a better Brookline and a better planet. He now seeks to switch hats to a more neutral role, running to replace the retiring Sandy Gadsby as moderator.

While I regret losing Scott as an advocate, I look forward to Scott becoming moderator. Scott has the personality, temperament and skills to be a successful moderator. His background as a computer scientist prepares him uniquely for the role, for a scientist is trained not to have an opinion, not to advocate for one point of view, but to arrive at a proper solution by weighing all sides of the question.

This is how good decisions are reached. Town Meeting's deliberation will be better served by Scott, who is trained with the neutrality of a scientist, who will allow all sides of an issue to be judged on their merits. For many years, Sandy Gadsby was able to put aside his professional skills as an advocate and allow balanced debate on issues, but this is a difficult skill and all lawyers are not as able to make the transition from advocate to moderator.

In addition, Scott has many ideas, large and small, about how to organize and manage town meeting more efficiently. Large ideas include on-line information about the progress of warrant articles. Small ideas includes a visible timer so both speaker and audience knows how much time the speaker has. Scott is also thinking about greater civic involvement, from high school students to seniors.

Scott's background, training, disposition and creativity make him the most qualified candidate for moderator. I urge you to give him your vote.

Andrew Fischer
Town Meeting Member, Precinct 13
Bartlett Crescent

Deborah Brown

Brookline TAB, April 1

I eagerly endorse Scott Ananian for Brookline Town Moderator.

Moderator is an extremely important position in Town. It is a position that demands a keen understanding of town rules and a kind and generous temperament. Scott easily offers Brookline these qualities and more.

As a town meeting member, I have seen nothing that demonstrates a moderator needs to be an attorney. As an attorney, I know better.

I have personally seen Scott’s mastery of the town rules, by-laws and the budget. He has been an active town meeting member having drafted numerous warrant articles, which should be a basic job requirement for the moderator position.

Scott has mentored others in drafting warrant articles, which goes to his governing temperament as well. He is generous with his time and expertise. He is a walking town rules and zoning bylaws encyclopedia. He has attended many moderator driven meetings which further demonstrates his commitment to the town. His attendance at these meetings has only further increased his policy skills.

I trust Scott best to make appointments in a transparent and egalitarian manner. His appointments will represent the breath of talent and perspectives in town. Our budget recommendations, town structures, audit committee and other temporary committees approved by town meeting deserve nothing less.

Scott is the real deal. He is an extremely talented and intelligent person with a personality to increase community involvement in the town’s core legislative process.

I urge you to vote for him on May 4.

Deborah Brown
Town Meeting Member
Precinct 1

Danny Stone

Brookline TAB, April 1

I am enthusiastically endorsing Scott Ananian for Brookline Town Moderator. In my work with him in Town Meeting, Scott has shown that he is an ally, assisting with warrant article writing, editing, and research, and ensuring that all people’s voices are heard. He has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the rules and procedures of Town Meeting, and of the Town bylaws and zoning bylaws. Whenever I have questions about the inner workings of Town government, I know I can rely on Scott for clear answers. It will make a difference in this Town when his helpful, friendly, and fair attitude is leading our Town Meeting.

We haven’t had a new Town Moderator for over twenty years. Scott Ananian is the change our Town needs right now. I urge you to vote for him on May 4.

Danny Stone, Town Meeting Member Precinct 10

Mariah Nobrega

Brookline TAB, March 27

I am incredibly proud to endorse SCOTT ANANIAN FOR BROOKLINE MODERATOR and ask that you join me in voting for Scott on May 4.

The moderator oversees Brookline’s Town Meeting (our legislative branch), which votes on issues such as our town budget and making changes to our town bylaws. The moderator also makes appointments to certain committees, including the Advisory Committee, which makes recommendations to Town Meeting.

At first glance, moderator seems like an unimportant bureaucratic position. But, have you ever had to deal with a bureaucratic institution—for example, to renew your driver’s license—and been thwarted by a form you did not complete properly, or an unfriendly person? Then you know how important a clear, accessible process and a friendly face can be to making you feel welcome and achieving your goal.

SCOTT ANANIAN IS THAT CLEAR, WELCOMING PERSON we all hope to encounter when navigating confusing but important governmental processes.

Scott has an outstanding track record of volunteerism in our Town. He has repeatedly guided newbies through the Town Meeting process, teaching them, for example, how to file legislation (“warrant articles”) and amendments, which committees to talk to, and what those committees need to know.

Scott speaks from experience, having written and filed multiple warrant articles himself (the only candidate who has this experience).

When elected moderator, Scott will implement inclusive, clear processes with the goal to eliminate bias. As one example, he is committed to automatic speaker timers so that everyone is given the time they are promised, not some arbitrary amount. Another example is working with the Public Schools of Brookline to integrate Town Meeting into the civics portion of the social studies curriculum.

He will work with our representatives on Beacon Hill to make permanent some of the virtual attendance policies that were established during the pandemic, which will make it easier for people (such as parents or people with difficulty traveling at night) to participate in Town Meeting.

Please visit his website——to learn more about his thoughtful platform which prioritizes inclusion, access, and transparency. AND PLEASE JOIN ME IN VOTING FOR SCOTT ANANIAN FOR TOWN MODERATOR ON MAY 4, SO THAT TOGETHER WE MAY LIFT EVERY VOICE!

Mariah Nobrega
Town Meeting Member, Precinct 4
Member of the School Committee
Member of the Commission for Diversity, Inclusion and Community Relations
former Member of the Advisory Committee

Michael Zoorob

Brookline TAB, March 25

I am pleased to endorse Scott Ananian for Brookline Town Moderator.

Town Meeting can be complicated and intimidating. As Moderator, Scott will work hard to ensure everyone’s voices are heard. He has always volunteered his assistance when anyone had a question about how our Town government worked. I join so many others in sharing that he helped me navigate the Warrant Article process.

Scott can be so helpful because he knows so much about town government. Through his active participation in Town Meeting, he has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of its rules and procedures, the town bylaws and zoning bylaws and relevant state statutes.

It will make a difference, especially for those new to the process, to have Scott's helpful and friendly attitude leading our Town Meeting. We haven’t had a new Town Moderator for over twenty years. Scott Ananian is the change our town needs with the expertise to ensure a smooth transition. I urge you to vote for him on May 4.

Michael Zoorob
Longwood Avenue

Kim Loscalzo

Brookline TAB, March 11

As a teacher and parent of young children seeking to find my place in civic engagement in Brookline, I have found a source of support and outstanding guidance in my fellow Town Meeting Member and friend, C. Scott Ananian.

Scott embodies commitment to fairness, inclusion, equity, and broadening of civic engagement across all groups, which is why I ask you to join me in supporting Scott's campaign for Town Moderator.

When I was elected to Town Meeting, I was unsure how to gain comfort with the legal and process complexities inherent in Brookline's legislative branch.

I knew the values and priorities I wanted to support, but I was not sure how to translate my goals into the formalities required of legislation in the form of "warrant articles," and I had no knowledge of the parliamentary procedures used to conduct Town Meeting.

From the start, Scott treated me as an equal and a valued peer, sharing his extensive knowledge and expertise while always being open to my ideas and helping me to find my own voice as a legislator and policy advocate.

Recently, I have been concerned about some private child care organizations in Brookline refusing to accept vouchers from Child Care Choices of Boston (CCCB).

When I explained my concerns to Scott, he immediately suggested three possible policy avenues for addressing the issues, offering not only his encyclopedic knowledge, but also his genuine concern for low income families and commitment to using his energy and skills to help. Brookline is at a crossroads as a microcosm of the tensions, stress, and conflicts across the country.

As we pursue local, legislative solutions as part of much needed progress on issues from racial justice, to elder services, to child care, to the environment, Scott is the right person to lead Town Meeting as the fair, neutral, responsible, and inclusive Moderator that the Brookline community deserves.

For a better and brighter Brookline, please join me in voting for C. Scott Ananian for Town Moderator on May 4.

Kim Loscalzo
Town Meeting Member, Precinct 10
1601 Beacon St #203, Brookline, MA

Scott Ananian

Brookline TAB, March 4

My name is C. Scott Ananian and I am running for Moderator of Brookline’s Town Meeting.

Town Meeting is a democratic institution in our Town, and the Moderator is a trusted facilitator of that democratic process. Through warrant articles Town Meeting sets our Town’s budget, writes its bylaws, and codifies zoning for our buildings. But for most of over the 300 years since our Town Meeting was founded, participation in Town government was limited: to those owning land, to men. Even today, many barriers to participation and to recognition remain.

I am running for Moderator of Town Meeting to ensure our Town lives up to its ideals. I am running to lift every voice at Town Meeting, and to respect every participant. I am running to be kind, and to continue doggedly bending our Town’s arc toward justice.

I will be a modern moderator. I received my PhD from MIT in 2007 and have spent my career working on large collaborative open source and free knowledge projects. We can do more to improve access for all, and to provide transparency into the evolution and progress of each warrant article Town meeting considers.

I will be an inclusive moderator. Each Town Meeting member deserves respect and to be addressed by the names and titles they prefer. I will continue to facilitate the warrant article process for newcomers to remove barriers to participation, as I have done as a Town Meeting member. I will reach out to schools and senior centers to explain the working of Town government. I will be an advocate for structural change where necessary.

I will be a responsible moderator. I will work to bridge the gap between the Advisory Committee, whose fiscal advice has helped secure the Town’s current AAA bond rating, and the voiced priorities of Town Meeting.

Over the next few months I am excited to share with you more of my thoughts on the role of the Moderator and what can be done to improve the equity and function of Town Meeting on my website, I will work hard to earn your vote in May.

C. Scott Ananian
103 Griggs Rd, Brookline
Town Meeting Member, Precinct 10