Scott in Colidge Corner

Lift Every Voice

Dear Voters and Supporters,

Although the end result is not what we had hoped for, I remain humbled, amazed, and grateful at the outpouring of support I’ve received from so many in this Town.

I entered the Moderator race because I believe our Town government should represent and respect every participant. I ran to lift every voice and ensure that Town Meeting works for all of us. And although I will not be the one stepping up to the (virtual) podium on May 19th, I’m proud of the issues we’ve raised and the movement we’ve built.

I would like to extend my congratulations to Kate Poverman, who I had the pleasure of speaking with earlier this evening. Despite any differences we may have had in the course of this campaign, we both care deeply about this town and its future, and I look forward to working with her at Town Meeting.

This was truly a grassroots effort, and I am grateful to the many people who worked on behalf of my campaign. With the ongoing pandemic, this was not an easy year to run for office — especially for a role that had not been challenged in more than two decades — which makes all of your efforts even more humbling and incredible.

Thank you to the amazing volunteer leadership and central core of my campaign, whose scrappiness, energy, and passion is unmatched: Shanna Giora-Gorfajn, David Krewinghaus, Kim Loscalzo, Dave Gacioch, Nicole McClelland, Jay Sweitzer-Shalit, Devora Gorfajn, Andrew Shalit, Beth Gilligan, Naomi Sweitzer, Mariah Nobrega, Jessica Morris Newberry (from afar), and Eric Johnson at Red Sun Press.

Finally, I’d like to thank my wife, Jessica, and our children, Zachary and Adalynn for their love and support throughout this process. I could never have done any of this without you.

Our work in Brookline is not yet done. I look forward to continuing that work with all of you.

C. Scott Ananian