Scott in Colidge Corner

Lift Every Voice

I AM RUNNING TO BE BROOKLINE’S TOWN MEETING MODERATOR to ensure Brookline lives up to its ideals. I am running to lift every voice at Town Meeting, and to respect every participant. I am running to be kind, and to continue doggedly bending our Town’s arc toward justice.

Town Meeting is the democratic heart of our Town. The Moderator should be the trusted facilitator of Town Meeting, ensuring that every voice is heard, that every community is valued. Through warrant articles Town Meeting sets our Town’s budget, writes its bylaws, and codifies zoning for our buildings. But for most of the 300 years since our Town was founded, participation in Town government was limited to less than half our residents. Sadly, even today many barriers to participation and to recognition remain.

β€œScott Ananian’s strong commitment to transparency and inclusion make him an excellent choice for Town Moderator. He will work hard to lower barriers to participation and ensure that all voices are heard. I am proud to support his candidacy.”

Raul Fernandez, Select Board Member

Raul Fernandez

I will be a modern moderator. I received my PhD from MIT in 2007 and have spent my career working at technology non-profits, including One Laptop Per Child and the Wikimedia Foundation. Brookline can do more to improve access to Town Meeting, and to provide transparency into the evolution and progress of warrant articles as Town meeting considers them.

I will be an inclusive moderator. Each Town Meeting member deserves respect and to be addressed by the names and titles they choose. Town Meeting should support participation by single parents and others who have been excluded in the past because of outmoded requirements. Since joining Town Meeting I have made it a point to help newcomers author warrant articles, so that their voices can be heard and considered by the town. As Moderator, I will reach out to schools and senior centers to explain the working of Town government. I will be an advocate for structural change where necessary.

I will be a responsible moderator. I will work to bridge the gap between the Advisory Committee, whose fiscal advice has helped secure the Town’s current AAA bond rating, and the voiced priorities of Town Meeting. I will ensure that we have an Advisory Committee that looks like Brookline, so all residents can see that their community is part of this important governing body.

Over the next few months I am excited to share with you more of my thoughts on the role of the Moderator and what can be done to improve the equity and function of Town Meeting. I will work to earn your vote in May.